Some images of our logicboard repairs

Cost of MacBook Logicboard Repairs

Instead of an expensive board replacement, why not let our technician try to repair it first saving you a lot of money? If we cannot repair it you can always decide to replace it, and, no fix, no pay!

Ohhh... did we mention? It is also MUCH better for our environment to repair instead of replace!

macbook-air-2011-logicboard repair
Component Level Repair
Experienced Technicians
3 Month Warranty
No fix, no pay!
Macbook Liquid Damage cleaning 2013 - 2015
Quality Equipment
Fast Turnaround
3 Month Warranty
No repair, no payment!
Macbook Liquid Damage cleaning post 2016
2016 and Later
Quality Parts
No Secrets
3 Month Warranty
Only pay if repaired!