Apple iPhone Repair

At Dr. Smartphone, we understand the importance of your Apple iPhone in your daily life. Whether you’re using an older model like the iPhone 6 or the latest cutting-edge version, we’ve got you covered. Our expert technicians specialize in providing top-notch repair services for a wide range of iPhone models. Below are the different services we offer.

Parts Replacements

We can replace parts like the camera, the charge port and housing.

Liquid Damage Cleaning

Dropped your iPhone in the pool? Our Ultrasonic Cleaning Service can fix that!

Logicboard Repairs

Apple says you need a new Logicboard? Let us try to fix it instead!

Software Problem?

Your iPhone stopped working after an OSX update? We can help you out!

Out of Storage?

We can help you increase the storage space and find out what is occupying it

No clear sound?

We can help you clean the speakers and microphone

Available part replacements

iPhone Display Replacement

If your iPhone's display is cracked we can replace it for you. We offer displays in different grades the best ones are OLED (Same as what Apple uses) and then we also have cheaper LCD displays available. Our displays come with 3 month warranty and the replacement takes around 60 minutes.

iPhone Battery Replacement

If your iPhone battery does not last all day, or it gives the "service now" message we can help you replace it with a fresh one. The battery replacement takes around 30 minutes. Please keep in mind we do not seal the phone to be waterproof. And also if we replace the battery in the setting it will show a message "unable to verify if this is a genuine Apple battery" this will not affect the workings though. Our batteries come with 3 month warranty.

iPhone Charge Port Replacement

If your iPhone is not charging properly or if other people cannot hear you when talking into the phone, you might have a defective dock connector. We can replace the dock connector for your iPhone, the repair takes about 60 minutes.

iPhone Camera Replacement

If you have problems with your iPhone's camera, like shaking (defect stabilizer) or simply not turning on, you might need a replacement. Dr. Smartphone can replace the camera in about 60 minutes. If your camera is shaking, placing a small magnet beside the lens can be a temporary fix.

Minimum 3 Month Warranty

Dr. Macbook Thailand provides a minimum of 3 Month up to 5 years warranty on our repairs and replacement products.

Free Checkup

Not sure what is defect? In most cases we can troubleshoot the issue within 15 minutes. We will not only tell you what is wrong, if you are interested, we will also show you what is wrong and what needs to be done try and repair the issue. We have no secrets, you are free to watch our repair anytime.

Fast Turnaround

With the exception of logicboard repairs and LCD replacements most of our repairs will be done on the spot, while you wait!