Sometimes after a hard drop your iphone’s touchscreen or also called digitizer can stop working. This can have several causes. Of course it can be the display itself that is defect. Even though it is not cracked the touch functionality can be defect. Another reason can be a loose connector. In most cases this is not the likely cause because the connector of the iPhone is covered with a metal plate to hold it in place. In the worst case scenario the problem is caused by a defect touch chip. The chips in your iphone motherboard are soldered to it with tin. A hard drop may cause little hair cracks in the soldering and this might be the cause for a touch screen to suddenly stop working. Especially if it happens just sometimes, cracked solderings might be the likely cause. It can also be the chip that is defect. For all these problems Dr. Smartphone has the solution. In case of a bad touch screen we simply replace it. If soldering are cracked we can try a reflow, heat up the IC so the solder melts in place again. If the chip is defect, we can try to replace it. This operation is like open heart surgery and not a guaranteed success, but, it’s better to try first before buying a new iPhone.

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