In Thailand many people import iPhones and iPAD’s from different countries in the world. Often the provider in the country where it came from blocks these devices so they can only be used in their networks. Another disadvantage is that you do not have support for your device in Thailand.  For both of these problems Dr. Smartphone is the solution. We can provider unlock iPhone’s (or iPAD’s) to be used with Thai carriers. The Unlock for an iPhone usually takes about 5 to 30 working days.

Our iPhone unlocks are 100% proven to work and based on the IMEI number. This number is send to your provider who will then unlock the iphone in their database. To unlock your iPhone you do not need to leave home. Just send us the IMEI number and we can start the process immediately after they payment is cleared. For price information have a look at our landing pageHERE

Besides unlocking phones from providers Dr. Smartphone now also has the possibility to unlock iCloud devices of which users forgot their password. This service is only for the legal owners of devices. Devices reported as lost or stolen cannot be unblocked in this way.

If you are interested in our provider or iCloud unlock service please contact our Dr. Smartphone Team or readHERE

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