The Sony Xperia Z series have beautiful displays, but unfortunately they crack a lot. If this happened to you Dr. Smartphone is there to help you out. We fix all Sony Xperia Smartphones fast and with 3 month warranty at a competitive price. Some models like the Xperia Z, Z Ultra and Z1 we usually stock. If you have another model we can get it for you from China in about 2 weeks time. The replacement of the display for the Sony Z series is time consuming as they use a lot of adhesive. It will take 60 to 90 minutes in general. For the Z series we only replace the complete LCD assembly, so LCD + Touch. They are glued together and not easy to separate.

Symptoms of a defect Sony Xperia Display:

– Cracked touch screen and/or LCD
– Black display, no image
– touchscreen doesn’t respond.