When you iPhone or iPAD doesn’t last all day, most likely your battery needs a replacement. The batteries in an iPhone and iPAD are made to last about 500 charge cycles. After that they will loose their capacity very rapidly and its about time for a replacement. With normal use this is after 2-3 years. For the iPhone you can easily do this replacement yourself with help of our iPhone battery replacement guides that you can find in our Youtube Channel.

The iPAD battery replacement is very difficult and you had better let an experienced person like Dr. Smartphone do the replacement. Of course we can also help you to replace the battery in your iPhone. Waiting time for iPhone replacement is about 5 minutes and for iPAD it can take upto 1 hour.

Symptoms battery needs replacement:

– Phone/iPAD is dead
– Battery icon shows but device doesn’t turn on
– Battery drops very fast

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement:

Recently Apple has had a recall actions where a number of iPhone 5’s sold needed to have their batteries replaced. This was only for a certain range of serial numbers. In our experience the issue comes back to haunt almost all iPhone 5’s. Please keep an eye on your battery status. If it starts to discharge very quick, the battery meter is unstable or even worse the battery starts to blow itself up resulting in your iPhone 5 display popping out its important to replace it as soon as possible. It might damage your display or worse the logic board and its important to replace the iPhone 5 battery as soon as possible.

TIP: In case you battery meter is inaccurate, let the battery run totally dry to 0%, and then fully recharge for 8 hours. This resets the battery meter and might solve your problem. If this didn’t help contact Dr. Smartphone!