If your iPhone or iPAD has iOS software problems, Dr. Smartphone is here to help you out. First try a backup and restore. If you do not know how to backup or restore, just contact us and we can explain it to you free of charge. If you do not feel confident to do it yourself for a small fee we can help you with this as well. With more serious issues like the famous iTunes Errors, Error 9, error 1394 and many other can often be fixed by our Team. If you simply want to update you IOS we are also there to help you out.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team with your iPhone or iPAD IOS software problems.

Symptoms of iOS software problems:

– When trying to update iTunes gives an error message
– “Connect to iTunes” logo shows
– Black screen, iDevice doesn’t start

We support following models:

Apple iPhone 3G
Apple iPhone 3GS
Apple iPhone 4
Apple iPhone 4s
Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5c
Apple iPhone 5s

Apple iPad 1
Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 3
Apple iPad Retina 3/4
Apple iPad Air
Apple iPad Mini
Apple iPad Mini Retina (2)