HTC Battery Replacement

Dr. Smartphone offers HTC Battery replacement service for all models including HTC One X, One M7 and One M8. Li-ion batteries are usually lasting for about 500 charge cycles, after that they loose their capacity rapidly. The HTC One X especially is very notorious for having battery issues. In case your phones doesn’t start anymore, or the battery drains very fast, it’s time for a free check from Dr. Smartphone. We stock batteries for HTC One X and HTC One M7 devices. If you have another device, do not worry, our China sourcing team can almost always find it for you! Changing the battery for HTC devices is very difficult so we advise you to have an expert change it for you.

Symptoms of a defect battery:
– Device doesn’t start
– Battery doesn’t charge even after 1 night charging
– Battery drops very fast, device can’t last all day

If any of these issues occur you might be in for a HTC Battery replacement with the Dr. Smartphone Team. Contact us today for a quote!