When your iPhone, HTC, Samsung or Xperia Smartphone doesn’t charge & synch, chances are that the dock connector is defect. Dock connectors are being used heavily while charging your device and often the first part to get wet and therefore likely to fail at some point in time. For Samsung devices this is easy to check. Just take out the battery and connect the Micro USB Charger. If your device starts it probably means the battery is defect and needs to be exchanged. If your device has a build in battery, like with the iPhone’s, it’s best to contact our Dr. Smartphone team. We will check your device for free and let you know what is defect before we start our repair. Depending on your device this repair might take 10-30 minutes so you can wait for it.

Symptoms of a defective dock connector:

  • The device doesn’t charge & sync;
  • The speaker doesn’t work;
  • The home button doesn’t work (in most cases it will be a defect home button ribbon cable though);
  • Other people cannot hear you when calling (defect mic).