iPhone FAQ

There are 2 main reasons why this can happen. Or you have to many power consuming apps and settings open, and the other reason is your battery might need replacement. Use Google and type "how to save my iphone battery power"and you will find many tips on how to extend your battery time. A few things are: dim the backlight, switch from the standard Facebook app to Facebook light app, switch 3/4G to 2G if you are not using it and turn of location if you do not need it. Only these few things can save you at least 1 hour battery time a day. If your battery still does not last, visit our office and we can check it for you. A battery usually lasts about 500-1000 charge cycles which is 2-3 years and then needs replacement. It is easy to do by yourself but we can also help you with this.
Switch your phone off immediately, do not try to charge it anymore. You can but it in rice but don't forget to close the charging port with some tape. You can also put it in the sun to dry. Best thing is bring it in for cleaning asap. Only drying the phone will not stop the corrosion it needs to be professionally cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner. Contact us ASAP if your phone got liquid damaged. We are very experience with fixing this.
The best things to do is use a tempered glass screen protector in combination with a soft TPU case. Why a soft case? Tempered glass protects the display perfectly from cracking however if using a hard case what often happens is due to the impact shock from a drop, the LCD breaks and not the glass (showing lines or black spots in the screen). A soft case will absorb the shock and your phone is less likely to damage.
Hold the power button and home button simultaneous until you see the Apple logo, the phone will reboot and your problem might be solved.
Although it is technically possible to change glass only, we do not recommend it. We have all the professional equipment to do this job, but success rates are very low in most cases you end up breaking the LCD and it is also very time consuming. Some companies who specialize can make a living out of it but the quality of many refusbished displays is really bad, especially when it is all done by hand without proper equipment. Due to the fact that we give a 3 month warranty on all our repairs, we have decided not to offer glass only repairs as the quality most often does not meet our standards.
- Copy Grade display, 1 week warranty, THB 3990 - A-Grade display, 3 month warranty, THB 4990 - Original Grade (Foxcon), 3 month warranty, THB 5990 The repair time is about 30 minutes.

LG Repair

This is most likely be caused by a defect charge port or battery. The LG G2 battery is difficult to remove and you have better visit our office. For the G3 and 4 you can easily change it yourself. In case it is the charge port, for the LG G2 we replace the dock connector. The LG G3 and 4 require soldering. Visit us to get a free check and quote.
We repair only the LG G2, 3, 4 and 5 series. For other models we do not stock any parts.
First turn it off and if possible, remove the battery. You can then dry it in the direct sunlight or out in a bag of rice but don't forget to close the charge port and 3.5mm jack with some tape. Bring it in for ultra sonic cleaning as soon as possible. Only drying the phone will not stop corrosion from developing and at some point your LG might short circuit.
Yes we do. For the LG G2 and 3 we usually stock the displays. The LG 4 and 5 we can order on request. Please contact us for a quotation. The repair time is about 30 minutes to 1 hour, you can wait for it.

Sony Repair

This can be caused by a bad battery or dock connector. The battery is not easily replaceable but we can help you with this. In case the charge port is not good, this requires soldering and this is also a job you probably cannot do yourself. We can check the problem for you and give you a free quotation.
This is most likely caused by a bad backlight IC. It happens a lot after display replacement or a liquid spil. The fix for this requires soldering, we can do this for you.
We can help you repair the display from every Sony Xperia Z series smartphone at reasonable cost that are much lower then the Sony service center. Please contact us for a free quotation if you need a new Sony Xperia display.
We have cover port replacements in stock for the Z1, 2 and 3 Xperia models. If you need new port covers do contact us in advance to make sure we have the correct color to match your phone. The cost is THB 590 and includes installation. Do not we do not give warranty on waterproof closing of our port covers!

HTC Repair

Yes we can. We are very experienced opening these phones without damage. The cost are as follows: HTC One M7 battery - THB 1290 HTC One M8 battery - THB 1490 The repair time is about 45 minutes and the battery has 3 month warranty
This might indicate a corrupt ROM (operating system). You can try to boot in recovery mode. While the phone is switched off, hold the power button and volume down at the same time and keep pressing it until you are in the recovery mode (white display showing HBOOT). Here you can go through the menu with the volume up and down and select "factory reset" and then press the power button. If this did not solve the issue you might need to flash a new ROM via ADB or Fastboot. Use Google or Youtube to find some tutorials on how to do this or pay us a visit and we might be able to help you out.
This issue can be caused by several reasons, a defect battery, a defect charging port (dock connector) at worst case a defect Power IC. In most cases it will be a defect charge port or battery. Visit our office and we can check for free what is the issue and let you know the cost to fix this.
This is caused by the main board and cannot be fixed by changing the camera. If you are under warranty, we advise you to visit the HTC service center.
The camera might need some modification, we can help you fix this problem please do visit our office.
Don't worry we are very experienced in replacing the HTC displays. We repair the HTC Butterfly, One Mini, One M7/M8, Desire 816 as well as the HTC Max and newer models while you wait. Do check in advance if we stock the display for your model. All our display repairs come with 3 month warranty.

Samsung Repair

Samsung display are very expensive for us to buy. We advise you to first visit the Samsung service center. In case they are not able to help you out, we can. Our price is usually a bit higher then Samsung though. Unfortunately we cannot buy cheap Samsung displays for you.
We have the batteries for most Samsung models. In many cases the batteries are easy replaceable by taking of the backplate. For some model like the Galaxy Edge special equipment is needed. We do have the equipment to remove the backplate, so please contact us for a quote.
First try to do a factory reset. While the phone is switched off, hold the power button, volume up and home button at the same time, keep holding it until you are in the recovery menu. From here you can first clear the cache, and then perform a factory data reset and hope the phone works again. If not, you might need to flash a new ROM. You can find many tutorials on how to do this via Google and Youtube. Look for flash Samsung ROM via ODIN and you will find many example. If you think this is too difficult, feel free to contact us and let us help you out.
We only repair the Galaxy series high end models like S3/4/5/6 and Note series.

Asus Repair

We see a lot of issues with Zenfone batteries so not charging is a common problem. It can also be the dock connector, which we can replace for you. Visit us for a free check.