You could almost say that Smartphones and Tablets nowadays are parts of our body. We eat, work and sleep with our beloved Smartphones & Tablets. If your Smartphone or Tablet is defect, you need it to be taken care of very well, thats what we do at Dr.Smartphone. Our Doctors take care of your Smartphone as if it where a real patient and will take care of them until they are healthy again!

Dr.Smartphone is a Smartphone Repair Center with offices in Shenzhen China, Brasilia Brasil, The Netherlands and Bangkok Thailand offering high quality Smartphone Repair. The founders of Dr.Smartphone coming from Europe have extensive knowledge of the Smartphone Repair business. If your Smartphone or Tablet is defect and in need of repair we are there to help you. If we have all parts in stock usually we fix your device with 48 hours.

Our Smartphone Repair focuses on Apple, Samsung, HTC and Sony, especially for Apple we stock most parts so we can ensure a fast smartphone repair. In case you need some special parts, and you cannot find it anywhere, do contact us. Our Shenzhen office can help us find almost any part for you. Also make sure to check out the ProMobilEZ webshop where you can find many repair parts.

At Dr. Smartphone we believe in service as being the most important part of our product. Although your device might be out of warranty, you still deserve a proper repair, guaranteed to last. This service minded principle translates itself in the following guidelines that we strictly follow:

–        Dr. Smartphone tries to finish every phone as soon as possible.

–        If you have no time to bring your phone to us, we pick it up and return it in all of Thailand, for free (when repair is done its free, if no repair is done we charge just the cost of THB 200)

–        Dr. Smartphone will not swap parts without informing you

–        Dr. Smartphone will not tell you we use original parts, while in reality we don’t

–        Dr. Smartphone offers you 90 days warranty on all our repairs

–        Dr. Smartphone will always inform you of the cost before we repair your phone

–        Dr. Smartphone will offer you fair, competitive and market conform pricing

–        Dr. Smartphone will provide you a VAT invoice for all repairs

If for some reason you are not happy with our service, please do contact us. We always strive to solve every problem in a satisfactory way for both parties.

The Dr.Smartphone technicians are very experienced and totally committed Smartphone and Tablets lovers. You can rest assure your device is in good hands!

Dr. Smartphone Soldering Station
Dr. Smartphone Soldering Station
Dr. Smartphone Display Repair Equipment
Dr. Smartphone Display Repair Equipment
Dr. Smartphone Ultrasonic Cleaning Station
Dr. Smartphone Ultrasonic Cleaning Station