Xperia Battery Replacement

After 2 to 3 years the battery of your Sony Xperia will gradually loose its capacity. Then it’s time to see Dr. Smartphone to get a brand new, fresh battery installed. We stock limited batteries for the Sony Xperia Z series so if you are in need of replacement please contact our Dr. Smartphone team to check the availability. If we do not have the stock, don’t worry. We have our China sourcing team find the battery you need. The replacement of the battery for Sony Xperia Z series is not an easy job. It needs a heat gun to open the backside and its glued to the case in most cases with a lot of adhesive. If you are not experienced in doing this is better to let us help you with the installation. It takes about 45 minutes of your time.

Symptoms of a defect battery:

– Xperia devices doesn’t start up
– Battery drops rapidly